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Format is the specified arrangement of data or a document or the arrangement of the parts of a computer instruction. Different programs store data in different formats. Formatting could also be used to describe the process of preparing a storage device for use in a computer.
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Two types of storage medium exist-primary and secondary. Primary storage refers to non-formattable memory such as RAM. Secondary storage refers to formattable mass storage, including
1. Keep your fax under 10 to 12 pages long. Many small-office fax machines cannot handle too many pages at one time. Large faxes also tie up phone lines shared with fax machines.
The cash-and-carry format involves futures contracts. These are contracts that obligate holders to buy an asset at a certain time at a certain price. They are often used as a hedge
SD cards are "secure digital cards. They are memory cards that are non-volatile, meaning that they can maintain stored data even when they are not being powered. SD cards were
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the shape and size of a book as determined by the number of times the original sheet has been folded to form the leaves.
the general physical appearance of a book, magazine, or newspaper, such as the typeface, binding, quality of paper, margins, etc.
the organization, plan, style, or type of something: The format of the show allowed for topical and controversial gags.
Computers. the arrangement of data for computer input or output, such as the number and size of fields in a record or the spacing and punctuation of information in a report.
to plan or provide a format for: to format the annual telethon.
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