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Format is the specified arrangement of data or a document or the arrangement of the parts of a computer instruction. Different programs store data in different formats. Formatting could also be used to describe the process of preparing a storage device for use in a computer.
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the shape and size of a book as determined by the number of times the original sheet has been folded to form the leaves.
the general physical appearance of a book, magazine, or newspaper, such as the typeface, binding, quality of paper, margins, etc.
the organization, plan, style, or type of something: The format of the show allowed for topical and controversial gags.
Computers. the arrangement of data for computer input or output, such as the number and size of fields in a record or the spacing and punctuation of information in a report.
to plan or provide a format for: to format the annual telethon.
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Formatting usually removes files that are not needed or would prevent using the disk or device in certain instances. It may also add files that will aid it in playing or being used
1. Place your address at the top of the page on the right side. Right justify this text so that it is in line with the page's right margin. You also have the option of using letterhead
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