What Does Frankincense Look like?


Frankincense is a nice smelling herb with many seeds which does not grow to great heights. It is mostly known for being one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus, the Christian Messiah, after his birth. The plant is usually dried up and burnt in a chalice, especially by the Catholic faithful, during veneration of the Christ.
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They look like small lumps of dried tree sap, or sometimes powdered or ground tree sap. Many health food stores carry these products for use as homeopathic medicine, so you might
The most common way to get Frankincense is through oil so it would most likely look
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Frankincense, the highest quality of which originates in the Dofar region of Oman, looks rather amber to colourless, and is normally sold in chunks, which are then broken up and heated
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Frankincense is heated and not actually set on fire and when it is it has a sweet incense-like smell. It is often used in perfumes and even as an anti-inflamatory ...
Oman, in the Persian Gulf. ...
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