What Does from Concentrate Mean?


Concentrate is an English word that is used as a verb to mean bring into a common centre, gather in one body or accumulate in body tissues. It can also be used as a noun to mean focusing ones attention.
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'Not from concentrate' is a food science word meaning that the fruit is squeezed, then the juice is pasteurized before being packaged. This is as opposed to 'from concentrate' which involves the extraction of water from the squeezed fruit.
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Concentration is the amount of a certain substance present in a mixture of substances. Usually this refers to homogeneous solutions, where there are only two substances present.
1. Choose your workspace. Some people need the absolute quiet of a library to concentrate. If you work better with some background noise, make your way to a coffee shop or turn on
1. Relax. It may seem paradoxical that the first step to better concentration refers to relaxation, but there are many intense intellects who fail in their concentration because they
To calculate the concentricity of two circles, first use a micrometer the measure the difference between them at the thinnest and thickest points. Next, divide the thin measurement
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The word concentric is used in the English language as an adjective too mean having a common axis or having a common axis. This word which is made up of three ...
Concentrate means to focus. In terms of food it means to remove the water from an item such as orange juice from concentrate. ...
Concentrated is the adjective of the word concentrate. The word concentrated can be defined as less diffuse or intensely focused. Synonyms of the word concentrated ...
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