What Does Gold Look like?


Gold is a yellow, shiny, sparkling metal. It is also dense, soft, shiny, and malleable and ductile. It has an atomic number of 79 with the symbol Au. Gold lustres are traditionally considered attractive.
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Gold looks like, gold. The color you see in everyday gold is the same color gold is in nature. Gold found in nature is rough on the edges and is found in chunks. It is refined to become jewelry or gold bricks. You can find more info at: www.goldprice.org
Gold when it is turned into jewelry simply looks a golden color and is marked as to how many karats it is. If you were prospecting for it, you may mistake it as a rock. It is a rock with copper lines running through it.
Gold looks like a buttery yellow color and may be in flakes, nuggets, chunks, or as fine as flour. When gold is panned for, you can expect flakes, flour gold, and nuggets large enough to pick up with your fingers. It largely depends on how it is being prospected for.
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