What Does Gold Plated Mean?


Gold plated means items where the gold has been plated to a base metal. The gold eventually wears off, depending on the thickness of the gold and how much the item is worn.
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to coat (base metal) with gold, especially by electroplating.
to incorporate costly features or refinements into (something) unnecessarily: The engineers were accused of gold-plating the construction project.
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To gold plate an item (usually something copper or silver) the process involves putting a thin layer of gold on that object. Frequently silver jewelry gets gold plated. For more information
1. Maintain your plating: gold plating can be damaged by sulfides in human sweat or by chlorine and harsh cleaning solutions. Gold-plated instruments, of course, should be cleaned
1 Purchase your gold plating kit from a jeweler or plating manufacturer according to your experience, need and cost. Before selecting a kit, research the process by reading articles
Many companies do. Check your yellow pages.
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Gold plated means a thin layer of gold has been applied to another metal. Something that is gold plated is less expensive than 14k. ...
Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or silver , by chemical or electrochemical means ...
Gold plate is a thin plating of gold applied either by electroplating or mechanically onto a surface. Brush plating is a method of electroplating gold without ...
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