What Does Gomenasai Mean?


Gomenasai is a Japanese word used to mean sorry or it is an apologetic word. The word is normally used when one intends to apologise for wrongs done. This word is mostly used in music mostly in love music, where one wants to show regrets for what happened in relationships.
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It is Japanese and means: I'm sorry
Gomenasai is a more formal version of gomen Means "sorry" in Japanese I just killed a
"Gomen" is like saying, "Sorry. It's a casual phrase that you use with friends. "Gomen nasai" means the same thing and is also used between friends, but it's
"Gomenasai" (correctly Romanized as Gomen nasai) means "I'm sorry" in Japanese. Also the 3rd single on the album 'Dangerous and Moving' by t.A.T.u.
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