What Does Gonorrhea Discharge Look and Smell like?


Some people who have gonorrhea may have no specific symptoms, white, yellow or green penile discharges may be observed from the males, while the females may experience increased vaginal discharges, bleeding between menses or painful burning urination.
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In men, a white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis that usually appears 1 to 14 days after infection. Sometimes men with gonorrhea get painful or swollen testicles. This disease
The infection can cause painful urination and a cloudy
It is different for every woman and it changes at different times in your cycle. It can range from dry (no discharge) to creamy and white like lotion to thick and clear like egg whites
Strong smelling brown/yellow discharge could be yeast infection or sign of sexually transmitted disease. It's important to see a doctor or NHS 08454647.
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In some people, gonorrhea does not have any symptoms. Others have a strong smelling white, yellow, or greenish discharge. If you suspect you have been infected with gonorrhea, visit your doctor immediately. Gonorrhea can be treated with antiboitics.
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