What Does Good Riddance Mean?


The phrase 'good riddance' means the action of getting rid of something without feeling bad about it. It is also the title to a song by Green Day that talks about life, and how one is not supposed to question daily events, but keep on moving.
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the act or fact of clearing away or out, as anything undesirable.
relief or deliverance from something.
good riddance a welcome relief or deliverance from something: He's gone, and good riddance!
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Tagalog translation of riddance: pagliligtas.
riddance: the act of removing or getting rid of something; the act of forcing out someone or something
(rĭd'ns) n. A deliverance from or removal of something unwanted or undesirable: "Compeyson took it easy as a good riddance for both sides" (Charles Dickens). The act
Riddance means the act or fact of clearing away or out, as anything undesirable or relief or
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Green Day is a very popular pop rock band. They wrote a song called Good Riddance. The song carries many meanings to different listeners. Some may feel the song ...
The phrase good riddance means that you are happy something or someone is gone. It is like when you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you and you drop ...
It's about making blind decisions and going through life, but in the end it was all worth it. ...
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