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A hierarchy means an organization with few things, or one thing, at the top and with several things below each other thing. It's like an inverted tree structure. Examples in computing include a directory hierarchy where each directory may contain files or other directories, a hierarchical network, a class hierarchy in object-oriented programming.
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[hahy-uh-rahr-kee, hahy-rahr-]
any system of persons or things ranked one above another.
government by ecclesiastical rulers.
the power or dominion of a hierarch.
an organized body of ecclesiastical officials in successive ranks or orders: the Roman Catholic hierarchy.
one of the three divisions of the angels, each made up of three orders, conceived as constituting a graded body.
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Hierarchy is simply a group of people or even animals that form a proper chain of command, succession or authority. Such as officers in the military have a pyramid sort of where the higher in rank you are there are more people under you that submit to your authority. Or like wolves in a pack, you have the alpha male who is at the head of the pack and all the others submit to his authority. There are always more at the bottom than at the top.
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Hierarchy is the classification of a group. Usually a hierarchy is ranked from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is one of the most popluar hierarchies
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Hierarchy is the term used to define an order. Usually a hierarchy is ranked from highest to lowest or vise versa. ...
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