What does an HIV rash look like?


A HIV rush appears as dark purple or dark red skin bump that resembles eczema on any body part. The rash sometimes comes with blisters on the eyes, mouth and genitals. However, not all HIV positive people get the rash.
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Patients with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus develop a dark skin rash with brown or red razor skin bumps that resemble eczema and this rush may be accompanies by pimples as well as acne. On the areas where the rash occurs, blisters may also be experienced.
An HIV rash is a small somewhat raised patch of skin having small bumps. In a fair-skinned individual, it appears reddish brown to dark red in colour while on a dark-skinned individuals it appears to be dark brown to purplish black. It occurs 2 to 3 weeks after becoming infected with HIV and spreads widely.
HIV rashes look like brown or red razor skin bumps that resemble eczema. People with light skin have dark red or brown bumps whereas those with darker skin have purple or black. The rashes may affect any body part.
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