What Does Hmu Mean on Facebook?


HMU is an acronym that stands for hit me up. This is an informal short form that is used to mean contact me and is considered to be internet slang. HMU may also refer to Hanoi Medical University and it is also a military rank in Burma.
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HMU is a texting acronym for 'Hit me up'.
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In texting, the term HMU means 'hit me up'. This means that the person wants to be contacted in the future. ...
HMU is an acronym of short form for 'Hit me up'; this is a slang used in this generation, which means 'call me', e-mail, text me, contact me so we can get together ...
In texting lingo, the abbreviation "HMU" stands for "hit me up." This means the sender wants the recipient to contact him in regard to something ...
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