What Does HPI Checked Mean?


An HPI Check is a Check that can identify if a vehicle has outstanding finance, is stolen, written off or clocked and it includes a guarantee, assessment and mileage information.
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Hpi check is a way of discovering and to uncover any hidden history. These checks the car with the national mileage registers and records it and provides a one full year warrant, and also provide information about the outstanding finance.
HPI uses the UK's most accurate database of finance agreements, with over 7 million current records. 24 out of every 100 vehicles checked with HPI turn out to have outstanding car finance. If the loan remains unpaid when the car changes hands, you stand to lose the car or the money outstanding on it.
A HPI check is a check done on cars to find out if a car has an outstanding car balance, if the was ever stolen, or if the car has ever been written off. The check also will also show the inspection report of the car, the mileage problems encountered by the vehicle, the vehicle identity, Number Plate and VIN/Chassis number match and current valuation.
HPI check is a check done on used cars to confirming whether a vehicle has outstanding car finance, is recorded as stolen, clocked or has previously been written-off. The check also confirms details such as make, model, colour, door plan, engine size etc.
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