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Hydro is a prefix that is used to refer to water. In chemistry hydro indicates the presence of hydrogen in that particular chemical compound. Hydrochloride and hydroelectric are examples of words with the prefix hydro.
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1. Connect the 1-foot shaft extension to the first motor's motor shaft. This motor will be used as the generator. Connect the fan blade to the other end of the shaft extension. 2.
The term is used in several ways, the drug "hydros" is hydrocodone. This name is also used for a NASA project. See related links.
or hydr- pref. Water: hydroelectric. Liquid: hydrodynamics. Hydrogen: hydrochloride. [Greek hudro-, hudr-, from hudōr.]
Hydro power is using the power of water (dams, rivers, oceans) to generate electricity. The uses of electricity are everywhere, powering factories, offices, homes, kitchens and living
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Informal. hydroelectric power.
Informal. hydroplane
Informal. of, pertaining to, or furnishing water, water power, or hydroelectricity: funds for new hydro projects.
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Marijuana that is referred to as hydro weed means marijuana that has been grown hydroponically, with water and special lamp light rather than in soil outdoors. ...
Hydrogen's name is derived from Greek. The word 'hydro' in Greek' means 'water.' The word 'gen' means generate. Because water generates hydrogen, that is how it ...
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