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Identify is the act of recognizing something as being or the establishment of the identity of someone or something. It also refers to the act of considering oneself as being similar to somebody else.
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[ahy-den-tuh-fahy, ih-den-]
to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; verify the identity of: to identify handwriting; to identify the bearer of a check.
to serve as a means of identification for: His gruff voice quickly identified him.
to make, represent to be, or regard or treat as the same or identical: They identified Jones with the progress of the company.
to associate in name, feeling, interest, action, etc. (usually followed by with): He preferred not to identify himself with that group.
Biology to determine to what group (a given specimen) belongs.
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Identify means to select a specific item or answer to a problem or question. When you identify, you must have certain facts and opinions in order to make the correct choice.
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