What Does Imao Mean?


The abbreviation IMAO stands for a number of things, with the most well known one being In My Arrogant Opinion. Others are: Inhibidores de la Monoamino Oxidasa, In My Awesome Opinion, Islamitisch Maatschappelijk Activeringswerk Overijssel, International Maritime Arbitration Organisation, In My Actual Opinion and International Martial Arts Organization.
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Imao, means In my arrogant opinion. Thank you for using ChaCha!
Imao is In My Arrogant Opinion
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Hey it should be lmao thats the way i normally see it, means Laugh My A ss Off ( sorry for the bad word yahoo lol ) :-)
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LMAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that means'Laughing My Ass Off'.
LMAO is an abbreviation that is commonly used in short messaging services and simply means 'Laugh My Ass Out or Off'. It is oftenly used to mean Lick Me All Over. LMAO is a common acronym that is used by many people as a slang.
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Lmao is a shorthand abbreviation of the phrase 'laugh my ass out'. It is mostly used to express the current reaction of a person to something or a conversation ...
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