What Does Imperative Mean?


An imperative is a word which is used to give a warning or advice, or to give an order and can also be used to make a request.
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absolutely necessary or required; unavoidable: It is imperative that we leave.
of the nature of or expressing a command; commanding.
Grammar noting or pertaining to the mood of the verb used in commands, requests, etc., as in Listen! Go!
a command.
something that demands attention or action; an unavoidable obligation or requirement; necessity: It is an imperative that we help defend friendly nations.
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An imperative is a command or request. For example, it is imperative that we finish our quota today so that we can move on to our other tasks.
Imperialism is considered the control by one state of other territories. Through political or military means, the imperial power may take over the government of a particular territory
Imperative statements are seen mostly in prose and computer science. In computers, an imperative statement declares an absolute action, such as to close a program, according to IBM.
1 Make sure you know how to conjugate the verb correctly. Unlike other languages, English conjugations are very easy, so you don't need to spend too much time studying them. Ad 2
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Imperative means having the ability to command or control, expression of a command that is impossible to deter or evade. ...
An imperative is that which is of vital, urgent or crucial importance. The term also means giving an authoritative directive or that which is denoting the mood ...
It means something that is extremely urgent or important. ...
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