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Implication is the conclusion that can be drawn even if it is not explicitly stated. It also means a likely outcome of some thing that is done. A synonym for the word implication is involvement.
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something implied or suggested as naturally to be inferred or understood: to resent an implication of dishonesty.
the act of implying: His implication of immediate changes surprised us.
the state of being implied: to know only by implication.
Logic. the relation that holds between two propositions, or classes of propositions, in virtue of which one is logically deducible from the other.
the act of implicating: the implication of his accomplices.
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An implication is a clue or hint that leads to the assumption of something. If something is implied, it is subtly said so that the fact is not stated, but assumed.
An initial implication of ID theft is the amount of time and money needed to re-establish identity, credit and clear your name, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 2006
i don't know the meaning of implication and then i want to ask if you know about it. can you help me? my question is what is the meaning of implication? <><><><
There are many theorems in mathematics which have only been proven "conditionally" (i.e. assuming that the Riemann Hypothesis or the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis is true
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Implications is a term used to describe subtle hints or conversations that are purposely meant to point out something else, or imply. A mother might make implications ...
Implication refers to something that has been suggested without being directly or explicitly stated. This word is of late Middle English origin and its first documented ...
Implication means the consequence, result, outcome or connotation of something. It also means something which is inferred or deduced. Implication could also mean ...
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