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Impromptu is a term used to mean something that is done without prior planning, organizing, or rehearsal. Musically, the term refers to a short piece of instrumental music that is usually a reminiscent of an improvisation.
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[im-promp-too, -tyoo]
made or done without previous preparation: an impromptu address to the unexpected crowds.
suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc.: an impromptu dinner.
improvised; having the character of an improvisation.
without preparation: verses written impromptu.
something impromptu; an impromptu speech, musical composition, performance, etc.
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An impromptu speech is a speech that is made on the spur of the moment without any preparation. Impromptu is from French and means in readiness.
1. Decide which direction you want to go with your topic. This may have to be done as you're walking to the front of the room. Determine if you should try to be humorous or serious.
Impromptu means: made or done without previous preparation or improvised. ChaCha again!
It is something that is made or done without previous preparation. An impromptu dinner is hastily prepared. An impromptu speech that was off the cuff and unprepared. An impromptu
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Impromptu means something that has not been planned beforehand. It can also refer to a very short piece of music. ...
High school and colleges like to have students do impromptu speeches. This means the student is given a topic and a short time to get their thoughts in order. ...
The best way to answer impromptu pageant questions is to take your time. Be honest in your answer even if this means telling the judges that you do not know the ...
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