What Does Impulse Mean?


Impulse can be defined as the act of applying force suddenly. It can be used in a sentence as follows: The impulse knocked him over.
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the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, etc.: to act under a generous impulse; to strike out at someone from an angry impulse.
sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action: to be swayed by impulse.
an instance of this.
a psychic drive or instinctual urge.
an impelling action or force, driving onward or inducing motion.
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Impulse is a force that is put towards something that changes its direction. An impulse changes the reaction of something and therefore changes its movement.
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It is the change of rate of momentum Impulse is the integral of force over time, it is measured in Newton-seconds. For instance a force of one Newton applied over one second will
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Impulsive is an adjective that means acting or doing something on a whim. To be impulsive can mean foolhardy. ...
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The word impulsive means something that is characterized by actions that are based on sudden desires, whims, or inclinations rather than careful thought. This ...
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