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The word incontinent is an adjective that means, to have insufficient voluntary control over defecation or urination. A person lacks the power to control him or herself. Some of its synonyms are unrestrained, intemperate and immoderate.
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unable to restrain natural discharges or evacuations of urine or feces.
unable to contain or retain (usually followed by of): incontinent of temper.
lacking in moderation or self-control, especially of sexual desire.
unceasing or unrestrained: an incontinent flow of talk.
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Incontinence is the inability to control your bowels and bladder. This tends to happen in geriatric patients. They are unable to hold their urine or bowels long enough to get to the
Fecal Incontinence is more common in women and older adults. Causes of fecal incontinence include diarrhea, muscle and nerve damage, dysfunction of the pelvic floor and constipation
Studies have shown that the problem is not very common before the age of 20, but after that as many as 68% of women with cystic fibrosis have urine leakage to some degree. Men do
1 Treat the urinary incontinence medicinally. One medication, Duloxetin, is cleared for use in Europe. There are concerns about this medication's affect on certain individuals, so
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Enuresis is urinary incontinence, and encopresis is fecal incontinence. ...
Enuresis is urinary incontinence, and encopresis is fecal incontinence. ...
No one surely wants to be incontinent. This means you are not able to control your bladder and bowels. This means someone would have to change your clothing each ...
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