What Does Irrigation Mean?


Irrigation can described as the act of artificially applying water to soil to allow plant growth. This can also include applying water to a lawn or garden. There are many types of irrigation where the most common are the hose and press pump methods.
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Take a soft-rubber-tipped syringe to perform a nasal irrigation. Stand over a sink with head down and mouth open. Place tip of syringe inside the nose, gently squeeze solution, and
Irrigating, or irrigation, is the watering of soil, plants, etc. Basically its watering your plants.
1. Select the proper size holding tank. Emitters use approximately 1 gallon per hour, so considering how many emitters are on your line, and how often and much you water, you should
1. Remove the cap from your soda bottle and discard. Run your tap water until it gets hot, but not scalding hot. Fill your bottle with the hot water and let it sit for 30 seconds
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the artificial application of water to land to assist in the production of crops.
Medicine/Medical the flushing or washing out of anything with water or other liquid.
the state of being irrigated.
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Irrigation is the watering of land. Usually it is used in farming to keep crops growing during periods of little rain. Pumps are often used during irrigation.
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Irrigation pumps are those which are used as a means of transferring water from the source to its destination, usually through underground networks of piping. ...
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