What does it mean for a woman to wear a thumb ring?


Women wear thumb rings to make fashion statements and express their individual style. According to LoveRingReviews.com, a thumb ring can also indicate anything from a person’s sexual orientation to a status symbol; however, it should not be assumed that a person is homosexual based on this observation alone.

Thumb rings also signify freedom and independence. It is common for a woman to don a thumb ring on the right hand following a divorce or separation from their significant other. A thicker ring band may be worn to signify a stronger declaration of independence. Alternatively, if a woman wears a thumb ring on the left hand, this often signifies that she is in a serious relationship.

In the sport of archery, women and men wear thumb rings in order to protect their thumbs from injury; this was a practice used in Asian countries. Archery thumb rings were made of various materials including glass, bone, metal or wood. They typically featured a lip, which is used to protect the padded part of the finger.

In palmistry studies, a right thumb ring may represent individuality and rational behavior. A thumb ring can also be an indication of a woman’s sexual orientation, according to Buzzle.com.

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