What does it mean to dream of snakes?


According to Barbara Condron, author of "The Dreamer's Dictionary" as quoted in the Huffington Post, the snake is a neutral symbol and the slant of its meaning in a dream is up to the dreamer. Some dream interpreters believe that snakes in dreams may also represent challenging issues in the dreamer's life, a part of the dreamer's self-conscious, a time of transition or a sexual image.

The meaning of a dream element such as a snake is often defined by the culture surrounding the dreamer. For instance, in the East, snakes are venerated, while they are generally feared in the West.

According to DreamDictionaryNow.com, the scenario in which a snake appears within a dream also plays into analysis of the meaning. For example, a coiled snake positioned in grass would have a different implication than a snake wrapped around an object or a body part. A snake appearing in a dream may reflect challenging issues or feelings that a person is experiencing in real life. Some other common interpretations regarding snakes in dreams include their appearance as symbols of an untamed part of the self-conscious or as phallic symbols relating to sexuality. In addition, serpents tend to show up in dreams during times of transition.

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