What Does It Mean to Have Foam in Your Pee?


Normally foam in your urine or pee means that you have too much protein in your body. This is usually nothing to worry about and simply means that you have eaten a lot of foods with protein in them. However, if the foam persists, you should talk to your doctor.
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it is usually due to higher protein content (in the urine) it is sometimes caused by the liver not blocking out all other chemicals. in this case, chemicals like protein are excreted
1. Press paper towels or clean, dry cloth rags over the urine stain to absorb any remaining moisture. Remove them as soon as they are saturated and discard. Continue doing this until
Foam in the urine is completely normal, however it can be caused by excess protein in some
it might be from the soap residue left in the cup you're peeing in. You should rinse it out, especially if you're going to drink it.
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