What Does It Mean to Poke Someone on Facebook?


Poking someone on Facebook is a way of interacting with him/her as a poke is meant to get someone's attention. Poking may also be a quick way of saying hello while on Facebook. When sending a friend request, one can use the poking application to ascertain the identity of the person in question.
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The emotions of excitement, caution, and worry flood one's brain when they finally commit to clicking "poke." Following this action is an instant feeling of remorse or regret
Within Facebook there are many options to contact a person. One of these is by email. To email someone with whom you are not "friends, you click on that individual's name, which
They want to get your attention!
To poke someone on Facebook, do the following: Log into your Facebook
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What Does it Mean to Poke Someone on Facebook?
Facebook is an online application where individuals can meet or keep in touch with friends. In Facebook, you keep all those that are listed in your friends section, up-to-date on what you are doing. It is a networking site that allows you to find... More »
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By poking someone on facebook, you have sent the person a reminder that you have thought of them. It can also act as hello. When a person is sent a poke on facebook ...
On Facebook, Myspace and mobile text messages alike, FML is an abbreviation used when someone is generally sad or upset. FML stands for 'F*ck my life'. ...
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