What Does It Mean to Take Someone for Granted?


Taking someone for granted is the act of not cherishing the deeds another person does for you by not reciprocating them or being ungrateful for them. It also means not being satisfied with what another person offers you.
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If you are taking someone for granted, try to appreciate them more. I had taken people who were always around me for granted, and when they left, it took awhile for me to cope. I
Here are some ways to get them to stop taking you for granted: Make yourself scarce. Don't give so much. Ask them to do more for you. In relationships, my advice is almost always
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Taking someone for granted means expecting someone or something to always be available to serve in some way, without recognition. It could as well be looked at as valuing something or someone too lightly. Taking others for granted sometimes leads to misunderstandings as those being taken for granted may feel unappreciated.
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