What Does It Mean When a Cat Lays on the Ground and FLOPS around?


It could mean any number if things if your cat lies on the ground and flops around. Without more specific details it is hard to decide of your cat could be playing or scratching it's back or if it might be having a seizure. If you know the cat isn't playing and think it could be ill, you should take it to the vet.
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Some cats just sleep and sleep. Fixed/altered cats are also known to be generally lazy. If your cat -looks- like she's dying, she has a serious medical problem, and needs emergency
If the tail is swooping slowly and rhythmically from side to
To me the answer seems pretty simple; they trust you & they are so happy to see you so they lay there on the ground comfortably waiting for you to pet them. They feel safe with
Not vet advice: It's possible that your cat has worms if it's tired and thin. Take her to a vet asap.
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