What Does It Mean When a Cat Runs at You Sideways with His Hairst?


When a cat runs at you sideways, with it's tail up, and it's hair sticking up on it's back, it is typically being playful, but it may also feel threatened by you or something around it.
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When a cat feels threatened, it will run as widely as possible (sideways) and stretch itself out to appear larger to who or what ever is intimidating it.
If you put tape on it's head it runs backwards. Experiment. Have fun. Maybe tape in right spot will "align" this beast.
It has to be the straight drive. A lion isn't a cricket ball, so I'm not going to pull or cut him. Superman could go for the Dilshan Scoop, but I'm only human. Aim for the lower jaw
You should take him to another vet. It doesn't sound like this one did enough of a thorough job for you. Hope this helps. Jacquelyn Mathis
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What it means when a cat runs at you sideways with his hair standing up is that the cat would like to play with you. This is usually a kitten behavior. It could ...
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