Solve for Y in Terms of X?


To solve for x in terms of y, you simply want to solve the equation so that x equals the rest of the equation. For example, y=2x, you would divide by 2 so you get x=y/2.
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1. Write out the two equations that have the two variables you want to solve. For this example, we will find the value for "x" and "y" in the two equations "
A quadratic involving x and y is usually in the form 'y = ax. 2. bx + c' This form is y in terms of x, so we must rearrange it. y = ax. 2. bx + c. y/a = x. 2. bx/a + c/a. y/a = x.
It goes back a long way - I heard and used in as a startup at least 13 years ago, and it was in heavy use before that. It works for two related reasons: 1. Convenience. While we
It gives you the value of any of the X variable on the X-axis
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