Reasons for Flags Flown at Half Mast?


When the American flag is flown at half mast, this is done as a sign of mourning. Flags are flown at half mast when someone has died, on the date of a tragedy, and on specific federal holidays.
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On May 15 each year we observe Peace Officers' Memorial Day by lowering the flag to half mast from sunrise until sunset. This practice began when John F. Kennedy signed the observance
Flags are flown at half mast to honor a significant person who has fallen. When Ronald Regan passed away this was done. Its asign of respect and has been done in many cuontries for
As a sign of respect, usually after a tragedy or someones death
Arlington National Cemetery. Tomb of the Unknowns. and The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
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When an American flag is flown at halt mast means someone of great importance has lost their life, either in war, in action or in office. ...
The flag should be flown at half mast during the following occasions: the death of a President or former President, Memorial Day, the death of a variety of government ...
Flags were flown at half mast on August 25, 2010 in honor of the passing of Massachusetts native Edward Kennedy. President Barack Obama ordered flags to be flown ...
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