What does it mean when you cry in your dream?


Crying in dreams often signifies that dreamers are experiencing tension or stress in their waking hours and are struggling to express their feelings. Crying in dreams allows for an emotional release of tension as opposed to a physical release. The dreamer's defense mechanisms are down during sleep, allowing for repressed emotions to surface.

To see close friends or loved ones crying in a dream is often a reflection of dreamers projecting their own emotions onto others. Alternatively, it is possible that the dreamer has an intuition that a friend or loved one is silently crying out for help.

Shedding multiple tears in a dream can signify a healing transformation taking place in the dreamer's life, as tears are cleansing in nature. If the dreamer is crying uncontrollably and nobody comes to help, this can signify a feeling of helplessness and communication difficulties in waking life.

If a dreamer wakes up crying, this often signifies that there are serious emotions that are rising to the surface and which can no longer be repressed. It is common for individuals with past traumas to repress their emotions so deeply that they are not even aware of these emotions in waking life. Deeply repressed trauma often resurfaces in dreams.

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According to Leon Nacson (dreamcoach.com.au) Crying in a dream is a very good symbol it indicates a relief of built up emotions anything that was offending you, annoying you or hurting
The dream about crying symbolizes tension and fears. If you are one crying, you will
Many people think that dreams mean something. But that isn't necessarily true. Dreams actually mean nothing. Although it probably is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth
Thomas Patrick Smith
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