What does it mean when a "check gauges" light comes on in your car?


The check gauges light illuminating in a vehicle simply indicates that one or more gauges is giving an abnormal reading. For example, the car could be running hot, or the gas could be low. In this case, the respective gauge light should also be lit. As soon as the problem indicated by the gauge is fixed, the light generally goes off.

In some cases, the check gauges light does not switch off, or the problem with the gauges is not immediately identifiable. If the check gauges light does not switch off, it might just need to reset and will switch off after a few key turns. Sometimes, however, it needs to be reset by the specialized diagnostic equipment in qualified repair shops or dealerships. If the problem with the gauges is not immediately identifiable through another gauge lighting up or obvious issue, it could be that the problem is something more serious within the engine, or that it is a false positive. In either case, the best thing to do is have it checked out by a repair shop. They can use diagnostic equipment to quickly find the problem or reset the check gauges light if the problem was false.

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