No Audio Output Device Is Installed?


When your computer is saying no audio output device is installed it means that there are no speakers installed on your computer. If you have speakers attached they may need to be installed. If they still are not working then you may have a problem with your sound hardware. I personally had this problem with my laptop and had to do a factory settings restore and it has been fine ever since.
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1. Double-check the source of the problem by typing "Win" and "R" to open the Run box. Type "dxdiag" into the box and click "OK. When you're asked
This nomaly means that you don't have a sound card installed, or you need to reinstall your sound drivers.
install the lastest drivers for your pc. then restart.
The no audio output device installed
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To fix your computer when it says no audio output devices are installed you have to ask yourself if you audio has played before this error. If so, reboot your ...
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