What Does It Mean When Your Ears Burn?


‘My Ears are burning’ is a popular expression in English which means that you think that someone is talking behind your back. To say that your ears are burning is to indicate that others have been talking about you in of your absence.
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What Does it Mean When Your Ears Are Burning?
"My ears are burning" is an idiom (popular expression) in English that means roughly "I think someone is talking about me behind my back" or "now that I know people have been talking about me, I'm embarrassed."... More »
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It is an English idiom that generally many take to mean, someone talking about them behind their backs. It indicates other people have been talking about you in your absence with them. It generally comes with discomfort with the feeling that people are talking behind someones back.
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It is a popular saying that when someones ears are burning that means they are being talked about. Call your friends and find out which one of them is saying something about you.
Ear burning is defined as a burning sensation felt on the ear(s) Along with the burning sensation, you may also feel a tingling or a pins and needles type of sensation. WrongDiagnosis.com
The rush of blood to the area.
Although not scientifically proven, some people say that lipoflavinoids can help burning ears. Hope u
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