What does it mean when your girlfriend says that she wants to "take a break?"


When a woman tells her significant other that she wants to take a break from the relationship, it could mean several things. According to AskMen, it could mean that she feels suffocated in the relationship, that the relationship is moving too fast, that she wants to manipulate the man to get something, or that she doesn't like the man anymore.

First, a woman may tell her boyfriend that she needs a break because she is uncomfortable with the current pace of the relationship. AskMen states that an independent woman can feel suffocated if the relationship moves too fast or if the man acts too needy.

On the other hand, AskMen suggests that most women ask for a break because they want to change a man's behavior or manipulate him. A woman may pretend that she needs a break from the relationship because she really wants the relationship to move faster. Likewise, she may ask for a break because she can't stand the way her partner has been treating her lately. By taking a break, she takes away the man's privileges until he changes his behavior.

AskMen says that when a couple takes a break from the relationship, they need to set boundaries and a time frame.

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