What Does It Mean When Your Husband Talks about Another Woman All the Time?


If your husband talks about another woman all the time, it might mean that he is interested in her. It could also mean that he is good friends with her, and maybe she's funny, or maybe they have common interests. If you are concerned about it, you should definitely confront him about it and explain to him how you feel.
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1. Take the advice of the Mayo Clinic, which advises on its website that "the discovery of an affair can be intense. It's often helpful to take a 'timeout' when emotions are
Most problems in marriages start with the lack of communication. When two people communicate they get to know each others feelings better and they should feel free to discuss any
aargh I know exactly what you mean! It drives me mad! Some women seem to do it as a confidence boost for themselves, to make them feel that every man wants them EVEN the ones that
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If a guy flirts all the time with another woman, it could just be that is his personality. It could also mean that he is interested in her. I would talk to him ...
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