What does it mean when your right eye jumps?


In many superstitions, a right eye twitch usually indicates a good sign such as the arrival of good news or someone speaking well of that person. It may also indicate that the person will see someone he or she has not seen in a long time.

However, in practical terms, an eye twitch usually has roots in a temporary condition. For instance, WebMD notes that eyelid twitches sometimes accompany a high consumption of caffeine, fatigue or stress. It also states that this twitch causes no harm and usually goes away by itself. However, in some cases, a serious eye twitch indicates a serious eye condition or a nerve disorder.

WebMD explains that eye twitches may be signs of dry eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, light sensitivity or pinkeye. It also explains that in rare cases, twitches indicate serious conditions like Bell's palsy, dystonia, Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome. Optometric physician Dr. Troy Bedinghaus notes that eye twitching may be a sign of allergies, anxiety and eyestrain due to bright lights, computer use, reading and television in addition to these other conditions. He also associates drinking alcohol and smoking with an eye twitch but also says the twitch usually goes away on its own.

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