What Does Jasper Look like?


Jasper looks like various stones depending on how it is cut and polished. Jasper is basically a type of spotted or speckled rock. This rock can come in colors like blue, red or even green.
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Jasper is a form of smooth silica that is commonly used as a gemstone. It can be found in a number of colors including blue, green, and red. You can find more info at: en.wikivisual.com
Jasper comes in a variety of colors usually in red, yellow , brown or green, this stone comes in spotted and marbel like patterns also it's an opaque gemstone that is smooth in texture. If you enjoy a large aray of colors and patterns from the same gemstone,it seems like jasper would be a good choice.
Jasper has the appearance of a spotted stone. It comes in several different colors and patterns. No two jasper stones ever have the exact same pattern.
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