Javascript Void 0?


JavaScript void 0 means that an error has occurred due to the pop up blocker. The pop up blocker is designed to stop windows that open as advertisements in various sites.
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If you can make the status bar show > javascript:void(0) There should be nothing wrong. If the status bar show > javascript:void(0) but still cannot post , i think it a glitch
1. Disable the pop-up blocker on your web browser. How to disable it varies depending on the web browser you are using, but it generally can be found in the "Tools" or &
A Javascript Void can be used by a single computer programmer to evaluate a single command. It may also be used to purposely generate an undefined value.
Add the following javascript to the header of your HTML page to disable right clicking. This prevents users from directly saving images from your website. report this answer. Updated
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javascript void 0 | Define javascript void 0 at void 0
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The phrase 'JavaScript void' usually shows up when there's a problem loading JavaScript in a webpage. The error could be caused by an activated pop-up blocker, ...
There are a couple ways to fix javascript null void. It may be the website itself, in which the website HTML would need to be fixed. You could also try re-installing ...
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