What Does Jenga Mean?


The term jenga is the Swahili equivalent of the English word 'build'. Jenga is also a kind of a game created by Leslie Scott and marketed by a division of Hasbro, which involves participants removing members from a stack of wooden blocks while ensuring the tower does not collapse.
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First you will need to alter your Jenga blocks so that they are ready to play Extreme Jenga. You must divide up the Jenga blocks into 4 separate piles of equal numbers of blocks.
1 Set up the tower by placing three blocks facing down . Make three blocks face the left. Keep on doing this until there are no more blocks. 2 Try to take a block out by tapping the
The original jenga block is 1/2 an inch thick, 1 inch wide and 3 inches deep.
The game doesn't last very long because the tower tends to fall down quickly. Provided for
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There are no references showing the meaning of the name Genga. However, there is a similar name that begins with a J which is Jenga. Jenga is a name of African ...
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