What does "job title" mean?


A job title is the name used to describe a specific group of tasks performed by an individual for a business or another enterprise. A job title is an efficient way to tell what a person does.

Human resource departments and the U.S. Department of Labor maintain a list of job titles. Common job titles are accountant, attorney, administrative assistant, plumber, electrician, cashier, metal finisher and so on. Organizations also have job titles that are specific to a particular company or industry, and a job title in one company or industry might be different in company or industry. Companies use job titles, along with job descriptions, in employment ads to inform potential employees of the type of work available.

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A target job title often includes three components, the function, the level and the industry. These are some examples of high level, target job titles for a supervisory role in marketing
What matters most is what part of the job you're spending the most time on because a designer doesn't just spend all of his/her time on creating artwork. There are logistics involved
Titles show each person's position,importance, to new people or thecurious in an organization. Titles can be status symbols, and are. a sense of pride for some. Sometimes, if people
Why Job Titles Matter: job titles. are badges of authority. Not getting the job title appropriate to the position can undermine your standing both inside your company and with outsiders
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