What Does K Mean in Money?


In terms of money K means thousands. So for example if someone says they have 1000K then they are saying they have one thousand dollars. It is a short hand way to say the amount. 10,000K means $10,000 dollars.
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1 Speak with your Human Resources department or refer to your 401(k) handbook for information regarding time requirements for moving funds from your 401(k). Most 401(k) providers
20k equals to 20,000. The same applies for 1k=1,000 and 5k=5,000.
Your best bet is to do a wire transfer int your Indian account. The fees (including mid-bank deduction fees, if any) would be maximum US$ 75.00 (typically expect US$ 35). The treasury
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The letter K stands for thousands when used in money. It is believed to have been derived from the computing world. At first the kilobytes used to be written as ...
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