What Does KAL El Mean in Hebrew?


Kal €“El is a Hebrew term that is used to mean 'the voice of God.'It was the name given to a Kryptonian child who was the last one to be born just before the planet exploded. His parents were able to put him in a small craft and send him to space before the explosion happened. Kal €“El was known on earth as Clark Kent and was a superhero called Superman.
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"Kal" means "easy" "simple" or "light" (light-weighed) depends on the sentence.
I've found no definition for these words. Do you know what language it is? Thanks for using
The idea was that the baby needed to be cast across the sea of space and arrive alone, unknown and innocent in a foreign place. That's the outcome that creates the legend. Given
Kal-el is the Kryptonian name of Superman. Kal-el is the last son of the planet Krypton, child of chief scientist Jor-el and his wife (I don't remember her name I'm afraid). He was
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Jor el (Jorel) is used as a Hebrew name. It means God will uplift. The name is used for boys. There are many names in the Hebrew origins that are used in the writings ...
El-Elyon na Adonai is in Hebrew and stands for two names for God, implying God Most High and O Lord while Erkamka na Adonai is taken from Psalm 18:1 and means ...
The name 'Joel' originates from the Hebrew name Yo'el and means 'Yahweh is God' or 'Jehovah is God'. Some sources state that this name also means 'strong-willed' ...
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