What Does Karaoke Mean in Japanese?


Karaoke is a word from Japan that was formed by joining two words kara- from karappo which means empty; and oke which is a short form for Okesutura and means orchestra. The full name karaoke means empty orchestra.
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What does karaoke mean in Japanese?
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The word karaoke consists of two Japanese words. 'Kara' which is short for Karappo meaning empty and 'Oke', short for Okesutura meaning orchestra. So basically Karaoke stands for empty orchestra.
The word karaoke translation from the traditional Japanese language means empty orchestra. It is formed from two words which are Kara which is a short form of Karappo and means empty and Oke which is a short form for Okesutura which means orchestra
Karaoke is translated into English as Kara (Empty) plus OKE .(Orchestra) The Japanes word is karaokesutora. Singer Daisuke Inoue is credited with inventing the karaoke machine in the 1970's. Music buffs may be familiar with the 60's TV series, Sing Along With Mitch, when song lyrics were shown at the bottom of the screen so the audience could stretch their vocal chords with host Mitch Miller.
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