What does knot mean?


A knot can be used to describe the certain speed which is comparable to one nautical mile. This term is commonly used when talking about a boat's speed. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org
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an interlacing, twining, looping, etc., of a cord, rope, or the like, drawn tight into a knob or lump, for fastening, binding, or connecting two cords together or a cord to something else.
a piece of ribbon or similar material tied or folded upon itself and used or worn as an ornament.
a group or cluster of persons or things: a knot of spectators.
the hard, cross-grained mass of wood at the place where a branch joins the trunk of a tree.
a part of this mass showing in a piece of lumber, wood panel, etc.
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A knot is a measure of speed, or a method of tying. In speed terms, one nautical mile equals one knot. One knot equals 1.15 miles per hour.
Hang the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging at least 10 inches lower than the narrow end. Cross the wide end in front and to the back of the narrow end. Pull the wide
1. Thread the needle using the colored thread or yarn you've picked for your project. 2. Spread out your fabric. Using a pencil, lightly mark where you want to place the French knots
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A knot is a phrase used to refer to a fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope, or something similar. It could also mean a unit of speed equal to one nautical ...
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