What Does LLP Mean?


The abbreviations LLP stand for 'Limited Liability Partnership'. It is a partnership in which some or all partners have limited liability. No partner is responsible for another's misconduct or negligence.
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What Does LLP Mean?
LLP, or Limited Liability Partnership, is a business partnership where partners' liability in the company is limited to the amount of their investment into the company. The partners are also not liable for some acts of the other partners in the business.... More »
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An LLP (limited liability partnership) is a general partnership that limits liability to some or all of its partners. The death of a partner or filing to dissolve the partnership
The basic function of an LLP is similar to that of a normal partnership. The partners jointly own the company and make joint decisions about managing the company. In LLPs, however
When people ask, "What does LLP stand for?" they are often starting to gather information about starting their own business. However, just giving a Limited Liability Partnership
This stands for Limited Liability Partnership which is literally a partnership with limited liability, such as lawyers, accountants etc. e.g. Bill & Fred LLP. Its where you would
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LLP has several meanings amounting to 25 results. The main one which is commonly used being Limited Liability Partnership. To find out other meanings visit < ...
The acronym LLP stands for; Limited Liability Partnership, Lower Layer Protocol, Lead Logistics Provider and Lifelong Learning Plan. Other meanings are; Local ...
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