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loki is the name of a mythological Norse god. The word 'loki' literally means mischeif. If you ever forget, an easy way to remember is the word 'loki' is similar to the Spanish word 'loco' which means crazy.
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Loki is the Norse god of mischif. But personally I dont think he is evil like most say.
1. Run to the right of Loki. Allow your other three characters to distract him while you retrieve the spear. 2. Stand next to the spear that has a glowing aura around it. 3. Press
I can't speak to the comic books and the movie, because I don't know how accurate they've gotten their Norse mythology, but in the original Norse mythology, Loki's mother was Laufey
Loki is a famous figure in Scandinavian mythology, thanks to his mischievous
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a trickster god, born of Jotun ancestry but accepted among the Aesir as Odin's adopted brother: father of the monsters Fenrir, Hel, and the Midgard serpent, and the instigator of Balder's death.
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