What does "LOL" mean in a chat room?


LOL in a chat room is the short form for Laughing Out Loud and it signifies that the person who is writing it is actually laughing out loud at that moment. ROFL is another variation of LOL and means rolling on the floor laughing. It could also mean lots of laughter, Lack of laughter, Little old lady, Lots of love, Lots of luck etc.
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Most commonly, "LOL" means, "Laughing out loud"
There are literally hundreds of readily identified terms and many that
1. Go the the chat website you would like to use. There are many Internet chat websites such as Chat Zone, Java Chat, Talk city and more. 2. Create an alias name (e.g. Yoshi2000)
1. Read the chat rules before entering the room. Almost all chat rooms have rules and regulations, and they are necessary to stay safe while chatting. View the rules carefully, and
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