What does "LTZ" stand for?


LTZ is identified with a number of meanings. There exists no specifically set meaning for this abbreviation. LTZ is used to describe the features on certain types of motor vehicles, most commonly features on certain types of General Motors cars and trucks in the United States.

LTZ also stands for "less than zero." The less than zero reference is commonly found in digital communications through email and texting. LTZ is also used to denote a "limited traffic zone" as well as a "local target zone." The reference to a limited traffic zone denoted by LTZ is most commonly found in Italy.

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LT stands for Luxury Touring, which describes the type of car. The Z was added for flair, and has no real meaning.
The letters themselves usually don't mean anything. Those that do mean something are usually in Italian or French. Examples: GT=Gran Turismo and denotes a more powerful version. GTI
According to a Chevrolet representative, it's simply a code for higher-optioned
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTZ. you can learn what you like to know here .
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LS on a car means Luxury Sport. In recent years other letters have been added, such as 'LSi and LTZ'. These letters usually just refer to what type of car it is. ...
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