What Does Mahalo Mean?


The word mahalo means thank you. This word is of Hawaiian origin, and its commonly used in public notices such as trash cans. Mahalo is mostly used as an interjection when used as part of speech.
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Mahalo is a parting word, as in "Good-bye, or "Until we meet again. Hawaiian in origin. Thanks for
Mahalo in Hawaiian means that you are very thankful for something that some one else does. However it also means Hello or goodbye.
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'Mahalo' is a Hawaiian word. In English, it is a simple and common greeting word which means 'hello'. It can also mean 'thank you' or 'thankful'. It is also the ...
The word "mahalo" means "thank you" in Hawaiian. Each "a" makes an "ah" sound, while the "o" is pronounced as ...
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